Enrys constitutes of well experienced engineers, supervisor and highly skilled labour for executing architectural construction projects. Our in-depth understanding of the construction industry gained by years of experience & onsite learning, combined with labour management expertise, has enabled us to successfully render Civil Construction Services to projects of any scale. Every project is managed as a priority where every single brick is placed under expert supervision & this makes us stand apart from any other contractor.


Very often it is seen that during domestic construction outdated or conventional wrong practices are followed which leads to major problems like Seepage, Dampness, Minor & Major Cracks in Concrete and Plaster or sometimes may lead to Structure Failure during Earthquake and other Natural Calamities.


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Our Construction Practises Are Strictly Conforming To:

  • IS 456(2000)-Plain & Reinforced Concrete-Code of Practise.
  • IS 1893:2002-Criteria for Earthquake Resistant Design of Structure.
  • CPWD Codes & Regulations.
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Advantages of Our Construction Service:

  • Project delivered By Team of Experts
  • Most cost Effective Solution
  • Dedicated Engineers For Every Project
  • On Time Delivery